Many couples dream of a picturesque countryside wedding, and Barff House Country Wedding Venue in Brandsburton, Driffield, is the ideal backdrop for such a dream. This historic Georgian farmhouse seamlessly blends with the local landscape, offering an exquisite setting for love stories to unfold. Surrounded by captivating scenery and adorned with blooming flowers and fragrant herbs, the venue provides a charming and romantic atmosphere for outdoor ceremonies and intimate receptions. As a licensed venue for civil ceremonies, the 200-year-old barn exudes timeless elegance with oak beams steeped in history. Partnering with ‘Village Farm Marquees,’ Yorkshire’s leading marquee hire company, ensures a modern flair that uniquely reflects Brandsburton’s rustic charm. With exclusive access to secluded gardens and enchanting woodland paths, Barff House invites couples to create lasting memories against the backdrop of Yorkshire’s picturesque landscape. Celebrate love in the heart of Driffield and Brandsburton at this premier countryside wedding haven, with wedding photography expertly covered by Steve Dornan Photography.

The Venue

History and Character of Barff House

With a rich history dating back over 200 years, Barff House Country Wedding Venue in Brandsburton near Driffield stands as a testament to timeless romance amidst the captivating landscape of East Yorkshire. The Georgian farmhouse, surrounded by flowering shrubs, a herbaceous border, and mature woodland, exudes charm and character, providing the perfect backdrop for intimate weddings.

Features and Facilities for Weddings

Features and Facilities for Weddings at Barff House include a historic barn licensed for civil ceremonies, an enchanting outdoor ceremony area in the flower garden, and a breathtaking woodland path leading to a clearing adorned with twinkling lights. The venue also offers a fully stocked bar, exclusive access to secluded gardens for photography, and a collaboration with Yorkshire’s leading marquee hire company, ‘Village Farm Marquees.’ These features ensure that each wedding at Barff House is unique and unforgettable, blending the old-world charm of Brandsburton with modern amenities.

Wedding Ceremonies and Celebrations at Barff House

Civil Ceremony Options and Licensing

Some couples dream of a picturesque countryside wedding, and at Barff House, those dreams can become a reality. To add to the charm and convenience of our venue, we are licensed for civil ceremonies, offering couples the opportunity to exchange vows in the historic 200-year-old barn or the enchanting outdoor flower garden. The blend of old-world elegance and natural beauty creates the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable ceremony.

Customization Opportunities for Wedding Events

With the collaboration with ‘Village Farm Marquees,’ Yorkshire’s leading marquee hire company, customization opportunities at Barff House are endless. From choosing your layout and decor to selecting tables, chairs, and lighting, couples have the freedom to tailor their celebration to reflect their unique style. Whether you envision a rustic chic affair or a whimsical woodland gathering, our venue offers the flexibility to bring your vision to life.

Customization at Barff House extends beyond just the decor. Couples can also work with our team to personalize their menu, drinks selection, and even entertainment options. With our dedicated team’s support, every detail of your special day can be tailored to create a wedding experience that truly speaks to your love story.

Photography by Steve Dornan Photography

Capturing Memories at Barff House

With Steve Dornan behind the lens, your wedding at Barff House will be immortalized in stunning photographs that perfectly encapsulate the romance of the venue. From intimate moments shared between the newlyweds to joyful interactions with guests, every memory will be preserved for generations to come.

The Beauty of Brandsburton Through the Lens

Dornan’s photography skillfully captures the natural charm of Brandsburton, showcasing the picturesque landscapes and rustic elegance that make this countryside venue truly special. With a keen eye for detail, Dornan transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, ensuring that every photo tells a story of love and enchantment.

Photography by Steve Dornan Photography

Planning Your Wedding at Barff House

Personalized Planning and Coordination

Despite the pandemic, Barff House continues to offer couples a haven where cherished moments transform into lasting memories. Your wedding planning begins with personalized attention and meticulous coordination to ensure your special day reflects your unique love story. From choosing the perfect ceremony location to selecting the ideal floral arrangements, our team at Barff House is dedicated to bringing your dream wedding to life.

Accommodation and Exclusive Access Details

Coordination of your wedding at Barff House includes exclusive access to our beautifully secluded gardens and woodland paths, ensuring an intimate connection to the natural beauty of Brandsburton. With on-site accommodation available, your guests can relax in comfort and enjoy the picturesque surroundings. Our venue provides a memorable experience, with the Georgian farmhouse and historic barn creating a charming backdrop for your celebration.


On the whole, Barff House Country Wedding Venue in Brandsburton near Driffield stands as an idyllic countryside wedding haven, seamlessly blending local charm with timeless romance against the picturesque landscape of Yorkshire. The venue offers a charming Georgian farmhouse, a historic oak-beamed barn, enchanting woodland paths, and secluded gardens, all creating the perfect backdrop for intimate and unique weddings. With a flexible approach catering to individual styles and preferences, couples can truly create a day that reflects their love story. The addition of Village Farm Marquees and the expertise of Steve Dornan Photography ensures that every aspect of the wedding, from the setting to the photography, is beautifully captured and executed. Barff House Country Wedding Venue truly is Brandsburton and Driffield’s premier countryside wedding haven, where cherished moments effortlessly transform into lasting memories.

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