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Hello, I’m Steve, your dedicated documentary wedding photographer. My mission is to capture authentic moments and genuine emotions, preserving the essence of your special day through my lens.

My passion for photography was ignited by my father’s old photographs and his humorous stories of developing them in the family bathtub. Inspired by these memories, I began capturing the timeless moments of family and friends’ weddings.

Though my journey led me through early aerial photography and a career in IT, my love for photography never waned. I chose to return to wedding photography as my full-time career, believing that images are the custodians of our cherished memories.

On your wedding day, I aim to be a calming presence amid the whirlwind of preparations. I blend seamlessly into the background, addressing challenges as they arise while capturing candid, unscripted, and heartfelt moments. While I ensure the essential portraits of family and friends are taken, I focus on the spontaneous moments that truly stand the test of time.

Documenting your special day is a privilege I hold dear. Your memories are precious, and I’m dedicated to ensuring they are beautifully immortalised. Let’s create unforgettable memories together.

Weddings are a record event in any love story. Documenting authentic moments of couples and their family's reunion fascinates and excites me over and over again.
Roberta Jones

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